want it now: chirping bird paper clip holder


The summer is winding down and the winter months are creeping up on us. All those lucky little song birds will fly south to escape the snow while the rest of us are stuck here to suffer the sleety commute. To get you through those winter blues, the chirping bird paper clip holder from Perpetual Kid, $14.99, is a pop of color to brighten up an otherwise dreary desk. Not only is this little guy adorable, but he’ll punctuate any paper clip usage with a happy little chirp. –Katie D.

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if only it would shovel the drive way too winter wouldnt be bad at all

Oh, how funny — I actually own this! It was a gift from my brother. It’s so adorable.


I have two of these and I like them because they are colorful and handy, but I wish I hadn’t removed the battery protector that causes it to chirp. The chirping is too loud for my work environment and sometimes takes a long time to turn off.

I ended up shoving a piece of plastic in the battery compartment to turn it off. You cannot remove the batteries in the ones I own.

I have this little birdie! I love him, he’s adorable.


Oh! I had one of these little guys and he chirped and chirped his little heart out… until the battery died. Now he lives on a coworker’s desk (she appreciates him even though he’s mute).

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