steal this idea: succulents in bricks


I recently spotted and bookmarked this gorgeous, modern outdoor planter on Apartment Therapy — a wall built of cinder blocks with succulents planted throughout. A few days later, while my mom and I were sprucing up my yard, we moved some stuff around and decided to cover the ugly porch foundation with some old holey bricks stacked in the side yard. After arranging the bricks, we had the bright idea to fill in the holes with succulents! All we did to convert the bricks into planters was fill the holes 3/4 up with pea gravel for drainage, then added soil, and filled in with some precious lil’ ground cover succulents (like sedum). I’m quite pleased with the result — I may end up extending the wall depending on how these little guys fare though the winter. –Megan B.

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Oh. My. Goodness. I see a late summer project for the kids…we just happen to have bricks out front that we were going to take to the dump. Yeehaw!

Super resourceful! I saw the same planter idea too on AT. Love it!


I had a thought that this would equally be a great way to grow an herb garden!


Great idea! However, I wonder how well the plants would survive during my Pacific NW (Seattle area) winters?

Megan B.

Well, Cheryl, I’m not a gardening expert by any means at all, and I’m also up here in the PNW, so I’ll let you know how they do as the season trudges on. I usually move my potted succulents inside for the winter, but these bricks are up next to the house, and seem to be doing well. But the weather has just started getting cooler up here. I guess if they don’t make it, I’ll throw some hardy herb starts in, like thyme and rosemary, and see how that goes.


Megan and Cheryl, I assume you’re both on the west side of the Cascades? I am on the east. My succulents survive very well in the unheated, but insulated garage, so they will likely do okay for you outside against the house.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I am a huge fan of succulents, and this looks quite pretty!