green tip: more reuses for glass bottles

We go through a lot of San Pellegrino mineral water in my house. I love its soft effervescence so, I buy it by the case. I have a really hard time tossing away those pretty green glass bottles, though. So I’ve taken inspiration from some of my favorite local restaurants and started reusing them for filtered tap water, iced tea, etc. I just soak the labels off (they come off really easily), wash ’em, and they’re ready to reuse indefinitely. I think they look lovely arranged for a party — I write on the bottles with a Sharpie and leave the marker out so guests can write their name on their glass, as well. But fear not — the marker comes off in the dishwasher or with a touch of rubbing alcohol. –Megan B.

Another reuse for a glass bottle: automatic waterer

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I re-use glass mineral water bottles all the time. I make ginger beer or iced teas and coffees and use them to store them. If I am lucky the bottle’s original closure is a screw cap, if not I purchase corks and in the case of teas and coffees for home enjoyment cover the openings with a rubber banded square of parchment paper.

I have been buying the cobalt blue bottled water (I forget the name but you would know) the Italian stuff with lime or lemon (mmmmm)…and I save the bottles as well. I haven’t been reusing them yet, but I plan on it!

I also have reused some little bottles (I think they once had hot sauce in them). They have a plastic stopper, and I filled them with a mixture of Ballard Organics Castile soap and water, presto…instant hand soap in a pretty glass bottle!

Mary T

I am now kind of obsessive about saving glass bottles — I’ll have yet another use in an upcoming post. I hope I’m not becoming a hoarder…

Marissa – Saratoga water, I’m a bit obsessed with those bottles myself…

I love this idea! I’ve been saving wine bottles and this sounds like the perfect way to use them!

I have tons and tons of glass bottles. esp pellegrino and clear juice + wine bottles. i used them for water on the table for a bistro feel. for get togethers, i use bottles with wider mouths. and then label still, sparkling and drinks accordingly. my guest love it! thanks!

Terrific article, its always important to look for and develop new ways to reuse all sorts of bottles.