j’aime roulottes: gypsy wagons for garden fantasies

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s daydreaming. Depending on how dreaded the task at hand is, my daydreams can take on epic proportions complete with authentic period costumes, casts of hundreds, and the occasional time-traveling subplot. These roulottes decorated by French artist Jeanne Bayol (site is in French) are the perfect prop for my runaway-princess-joins-the-circus fantasies! The old gypsy wagons are restored into hugely romantic items of adoration fit for fantasy garden parties and hurried secret meetings. These nomad-friendly caravans would be gorgeous additions to overgrown backyards and overstuffed imaginations. Learn more here (site in English) including how to purchase a book of photos of Bayol’s roulottes and perhaps even a wagon of your own. –Katie D.

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T Bone

just be sure you make sure there are no gypsy curses associated with the wagon before you buy one. i saw Thinner – i wouldnt want to mess with them


How cool would this be to have a bunch of them for a bed and breakfast or something! kind of like cabins or treehouses – how romantic! :)

Megan B.

Or a gypsy themed multi-day wedding celebration? It would have been a perfect match for the one I just attended!

How fun would this be for a wedding or children’s birthday party? Amazing find and I want to setup a reason to have these in my yard! :)

Tiffany S.

Love them! That was my favorite part of Carnivale on HBO – the caravans.

Belinda Gomez

The term gypsy is a pejorative. Don’t you understand that?

Mary T

Belinda, the definitions of the word that I found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary give no indication that the word is considered a pejorative: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/gypsy. I do understand that to shorten the word into “gyp” is considered such, as it implies that an entire group of people will shortchange you somehow. In the online seplace that I was able to conduct this evening, however, I could not find any definitive answer about whether or not the word is considered a pejorative — there is in fact an active discussion at Wiktionary going on currently debating this:


I do apologize if you were offended by the use of this word; I can assure you that none of us here realized that the word “gypsy” is considered offensive.


i spent my summer vacation sleeping in a wagon! in Idaho! vary cool!!!