t-fal makes low-fat magic with the actifry


I never met a French fry I didn’t like — even the little soggy guys at the bottom of the bag are fair game for this girl. Despite my obsession, I’ve limited my membership in the fry fan club because I know how unhealthy they are — but all that oil is what makes ’em taste good, right? Wrong. Starting this fall, T-Fal is laying the smackdown on the French fry franchise with the U.S. launch of the ActiFry.

Already popular in Europe, the ActiFry is a “fast-slow cooker” designed to make healthy meals while minimizing the use of oil. Its claim to fame is that it can cook two pounds of fresh-cut French fries using only one tablespoon of oil, which effectively brings the fat content down to 3%, as compared with 9% in a conventional oven, 14% in a standard deep fryer and nearly 16% at fast food chains. But how does it taste? Click to find out! –Sarah C.

Now, I know how absurd this sounds; I am a skeptic when it comes to kitchen gadgets peddling statistics like this. So for the love all all things fried, I sent my taste buds out into the field. I recently had the opportunity to sample some fries made by Food Network host and ActiFry brand ambassador Ellie Krieger, and I was amazed! They looked like classic French fries and were crispy on the outside and tender and delicious on the inside, which, as we all know, is the difference between mere illusion and Hogwarts-brand magic.

And it doesn’t stop at fries. The ActiFry is designed to make a variety of different meals, from granola to chili to risotto and fruit desserts, all with two tablespoons of oil or less. It doesn’t get hot to the touch, emits no odor, needs no preheating, and stirs and cooks food automatically on a countdown timer. The gadget also comes with its own measuring spoon and cookbook featuring 38 recipes, including some of Ellie’s own. The ActiFry will retail for $299.99 at www.t-falusa.com and select retailers across the U.S. starting in October.

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I’m intrigued! When I was younger and living in the south, lots of folks had fry-daddys, and boy did those make good tater tots! But a healthy alternative?! Sign me up!


When I worked near Newport Beach, CA, I used to visit a vegetarian wrap cafe in a food court that sold “air fries,” which tasted as good as french fries. I wonder if it’s the same process ….


Please someone buy this for me. Please? *drool*


Wow. $300. I was excited until I saw the price tag.

A healthy alternative to french fries? It’s probably every home maker’s dream come true.

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[…] and boy did those make good tater tots! But a healthy alternative?! Sign me up!” Read our review of the T-fal […]

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seriously we had fried french fries once a week while growing up. now i feel so guilty for even suggesting fried french fries. hmmm… if only it was 30 bucks like the fry daddy!