blogwatch: where we were clicking this week


La Mamba Studio has me rethinking the standard patio umbrella with their Eria Sunshade

Turns out the Sigg bottle wasn’t so safe after all. The company admits to BPA in their bottles!

Funny faces out of everyday clothes at Crooked Brains.

Get into the spirit of the season with these fall-inspired pillows at Casa Sugar.

We’ve gone from greenwashing to localwashing. Check out the bogus marketing of businesses that claim to be “local.”

Read a rather glowing review of Just Bare Chicken over at Not Martha. She’s got me convinced!

Kudos to duly noted for sharing this internet treasure with us all. Turn any youtube video’s audio into a downloadable mp3 file at Genius!

From our partners

The umbrella is a stroke of genius. It blocks rain, and at the same time, let light goes through. Of course, the design also makes it unique.

Seeing that I gave up my 4 nalgene collection for a Sigg bottle, I’m a little mad!