i dig the diy dinosaur lamps




Make your own version of Jurassic Park (one that won’t go terribly
wrong) with these flexible plastic dinosaur lamps from Think Geek . Triceratops, Diplodocus, and T.rex are available for tagging and studying at $20 apiece. DIY construction time clocks in at 30 to 40 minutes — each lamp comes with illustrated directions. These little Mesozoic monsters make perfect presents for your cool nephew or (in my case) the immature boyfriend who uses a Dino-Riders image as his desktop wallpaper. –Katie D.

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Looks like a fun wedding present for the bride and groom. ;)

These are awesome — maybe they’d make a good nightlight with a dimmer bulb?

T Bone

i think i’m going to put in a strong disagreement with this post. there is NOTHING immature about dino riders. they’re dinosaurs WITH lasers. i think you’re over looking that fact. who ever thought of that is my hero.

As for the lamps, i agree they are awesome. but dont waste them on kids, buy them for an adult who would appreciate them.

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