bargain style: new coasters at fishs eddy


Coasters are one of those things that we love to buy, but don’t really need. Unless you’re a total slob, a set or two should last a while. But this new collection of pressed paper coasters at Fishs Eddy has us coming up with lots of excuses for why should stock up. At just about $4 for a set of ten, we are thinking they’d be inventive wedding favors, cheeky stocking stuffers, and the perfect gift for any colleague. Our favorites are the Alice collection which are cute enough to plan an entire party around. Break out the rabbit ears!

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Actually, I find coasters a great way to just add something onto the table to feature it.


The paper coasters I’ve tried curl a little when you place a wet glass or mug on top of them. Very cute for an art project or a decoration, though.

I just did a post on their great coasters last Friday!!!