five things we learned last week


1) Some of you are behind…on your Christmas shopping. Tiffany S. says: “We got our dining room fixture at Ylighting, and we still get compliments even though IKEA now has a similar shade. I’ll have to check out the Wax Works! I‘m so behind on my holiday shopping! Thanks for the links!” See all the sales here — you need to get shopping post-haste! (Tiffany, we’re just jealous.)

2) There are yeas and nays on pet insurance. Kelly is on the “yea” side. She says: “Having worked at an emergency animal hospital for 4 years, I can say if you have a pet you should either contribute to a savings account every month or have pet insurance. …I don’t mean to scare people but I can’t tell you how many times I have seen an owner come in and have to decide whether they can pay to save their pet or not. And not even hugely large bills. We are talking $600.” Others have weighed in that they had, and then canceled, pet insurance. Read all opinions here.

3) The right salsa can encourage visitors. Bean says of Katie’s summertime salsa: “oh man is this at your house right now? can i come over??” Learn to make your own here.

4) You also appreciate Allee Willis’ quirky style. lsaspacey says: “I still have magazine clippings from the 1980s on an apartment that Allee Willis had then. The stories are a couple of years apart so you can see a slight transition. Maybe I’ll scan them in and write about them one day soon.” Click here for the link to the LA Times article.

5) With all the solutions out there, it’s a wonder we ever got fruit flies. Lu says: “Needing to get rid of the swarm in our kitchen (really like a swarm), I dug out some leftover fly paper from last year – they don’t like that! But, I dipped a Q-tip in the Garlic Red Wine Vinegar and tucked it into the spirals – and woohoo they loved it! I didn’t know about the drain/breeding issue and am off to treat that now. Thanks!” See the wealth of fruit fly fixes here.

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F.Y.I. My post about Allee Willis’ style and homes will go up on my blog this Friday.