chic litter box — sadly, not for elderly cats


I’m always on the look out for cute cat litter boxes, or rather, litter boxes that don’t really look like litter boxes. It’s a constant battle for any feline-loving, decor-dreaming gal. I was excited by this ModKat box (via Outblush), until I thought about it for a half a second. It’s shorter in length than most boxes, and has a “roof-access” entry from the top. That’d be great if we owned a spry, bouncy kitty, but our 17-year old, half-blind guy would literally be bouncing off the walls of this thing. And at $180, that’s one pricey plastic box. Still, if you do have have to look at it everyday, and so do your guests, it could very well be worth the splurge. What do you think. — would your cat dig this square cube? Do you? –Angela M.

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a lot of my friends have cats and as a regular visitor in their homes i’d say looking at this trash can litter box is much nicer than looking at a tray of clumpy cat poo in the corner. i mean, i try not to stare – but like a bad car wreck, it is hard to look away. i keep thinking, “there is poop in the corner.” with this new cat litter box i’d probably not think about poop at all when i see it.

modkat. « Ursa Minor Industries

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Stylish as it may be, that’s an awful lot of money for something that a cat poops in.

It does look nice but my two senior citizens have long bodies and I don’t think they’d be skilled enough to maneuver their ends into position let alone hoist themselves up there.

While we wait for a well designed, easy to clean and use litterbox, I wish companies would make litter boxes in less obnoxious colors. Did I really want a baby blue box (brown looks so nice with blue) or a marbled, slightly metallic looking red one? Um, no.

Megan B.

It’s not gorgeous, but I recently got a couple of these for my *very* particular felines. They grey color is at least neutral and classic, and dare i say it, kinda chic for a cat box.

Megan B.

hmm… link seems to not be working. here it is again:

laura k

I just adopted two kittens and while they do bounce off the walls I some how doubt they could figure this out. I wish it would work the litter box issue is driving this new kitten mom crazy any tips about deal with it are more then welcome.

I can’t imagine that even my 9 year old cat would get in and out of this on a regular basis – much as he loves to jump around, I can’t see him willingly jumping down into a box of poop, doing his thing and then leaping out. Maybe I’m letting my personal feelings get in the way, though. Anyway, the box is pretty!

Mary T

I think this looks great, but like others have said, It’s hard for me to imagine my cat jumping in there. Maybe if it was the same shape, but had a door in the side? This is when it’s nice to have a basement; I never have to see the catbox at all.

As someone who spends a lot of time around litter boxes, I don’t think most cats would like using this box. It’s a lot of work just to get into it. And don’t even get me started on the $180 price. My cat Charlotte is fine with her much cheaper Booda Dome, which I think is just as attractive!


We remodeled our home a couple of years ago. At that time I had my contractor make a built in catbox area in the hallway. He framed out a rectangle just like a window and then built it onto the closet on the other side of the wall. I had him put in a fan that turns on with a motion sensor and takes the smell outside. I made a curtian with a double pocket and used tension rods to cover the front of the cat area, leaving a little space for my cats to enter. It works amazingly well. It wouldn’t be too hard to do this without remodeling, Just hire a contractor if your not handy.