look! cool bamboo and rebar fence

I couldn’t help but take some photos of this fence I noticed while on my lunchtime constitutional the other day. I’m digging the mix of urban industrial and natural textures, and it seems to be fairly simple to reproduce — just some pieces of rebar hammered into the ground and then woven with bamboo and affixed with wire. I can’t imagine that it’s the most climbable or sturdy fence, but repairs would most likely be a snap. I just may have to try this out when we get around to replacing our ugly chain link fencing. Do you love it, or are you on the fence? –Megan B.

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Neither – that’s hideous.

i am exactly from the bamboo home decor , such application of the bamboo can even called the industrial application of bamboo! really inspiring and environmental!

I was looking for some inspiration for a garden fence, much better than chain link. Come on @j!