steal this idea: musical instruments in the garden


I love the Miss Havisham-approved gardens displayed at this year’s Del Mar Fair in San Diego, as seen on Poetic Home’s lovely blog. Landscapers working with the theme “Music Mania” repurposed musical instruments to create dreamy back yards. Part whimsical, part spooky, the weathered piano crawling with ivy like a ghost town is my favorite. Next time I find myself at a flea market, I’ll be on the prowl for toy guitars and beyond-repair tubas. See more photos here. –Katie D.

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T Bone

When i saw the picture i thought someone finally created a trombone tree.

This depresses me. Particularly the tuba idea. The thing with most brass instruments is unless they are REALLY cheap, almost anything is repairable. Don’t deprive some school kid of a trombone, stick with the toy stuff.

– Closet Tuba Player.

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