etsy find: upcycled vintage luggage from getreadysetgo

There is nothing I hate more than traveling. Not the seeing new places, visiting old friends, and having adventures part, but the literal traveling part of getting on a plane and journeying somewhere. The germy airports, the delayed flights, the checked baggage fees — take your pick, I hate them all. The only way I can truly get excited about traveling is by accruing adorable accessories, which is why I’ve fallen hard for the Etsy shop GetReadySetGO. Her thrift store finds and vintage pieces are modernized with sharp ink silhouettes providing “upcycled luggage for the unique and the geek.” The train cases, $60 to $110, my favorites, actually make me want to ride the rails cross country just to show off the luggage. –Katie D.

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Tiffany S.

LOVE these! I have a couple vintage pieces that I couldn’t even get rid of a garage sales. Maybe I’ll just add a few decals and voila!

T Bone

you see, its the old friends and new adventures i hate. either preference though, you gotta love elephant ink silhouettes!

I purchased a set of red luggage with the Detroit skyline painted on them about a year ago. I’ve never been so in love with luggage before. They are an amazing seller.

I found your blog through Cooking Light! My mom had the same tote in golden yellow growing up as a child and had given it to me. I still have it and love it. It was fun paging down on your blog and seeing it here! Thanks!

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