workplace blues beater: dozi paper clip holder


As the days get markedly shorter and the winter blues taunt, I’ve appreciated little items like Katie D’s chirping bird paper clip holder. At my desk, I’ve also gone the woodland animal paper clip route with the Dozi Paperclip Holder, $24 from the MoMA Store. Ah yes, when I’ve got a particularly gnarly case of the desktop doldrums, I just reach over and give the porcupine a paper clip mohawk, sometimes even a paper clip comb-over, to add a little pop of color and humor to my otherwise bland desk. I also use him as a kind of time-telling fun-dial, if you will. If he starts the week off at mohawk, I know that the weekend is near when his spikes have depreciated to comb-over status, because lots of work must have been done to require all those paper clips! –Sarah C.

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I love all your neat ideas and recipes. Your cute entries, charm and whit are a real pick me up. I’ve tried everything you suggested so far, keep it up!

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