zombie plates for our favorite time of year


You already know our longtime weakness for ghoulish decor, which means you’d had better brace yourself for another October filled with macabre housewares. We love these things all year round, but Halloween gives us an excuse to dust of the cobwebs and show it off. One of our newest finds are these Zombie plates by Soule on Etsy. We love how they offer up a spooky twist on trendy silhouettes. Hand-painted, each Zombie is unique. At only $16 each, these are bargain. Order four and throw a party. What’s on the menu? BRAINS!

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Zombie Plates on etsy | At Home with Kim Vallee

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They’re fun but I can’t justify spending that money on something I’d use once a year.

I love this, not sure whether I could use the, all year round though…

Personally I would use these all year round!

Natty A.

granted: these are expensive. on the other hand, $16 for a dish as AWESOME as these si well worth it. you don’t hav eto buy 20 of them either. it’s very cool. i own 5.