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I have serious puppy lust. I can’t walk past a dog on the street without my heart going into full on meltdown mode. Spotting Found My Animal collars and leashes is not going to make this an easier. The beautiful rope leads are exactly my style. I’m almost considering buying one and putting it away until my doggy day finally comes. The best part about Found My animal is this: 25% of ALL their profits go directly to the Louis Animal Foundation, a unique non-profit group dedicated to spaying/neutering and providing homes for animals who have not yet “found” their people. –Erica P.

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Living in New York City, I don’t know how so many people are able to own large dogs. Do people just have huge apartments or do the dogs just deal with cramped quarters? I love Manhattan, but I look forward to the day that I have enough space to own a dog that will be afforded the necessary indoor and outdoor space to tear around. Just to hold me over though, I think I’ll get one of these leashes and just hang it on the wall in the form of art.

I’ve seen these before, but never knew it was more than just a real pretty leash. The fact that it supports adopting dogs (and cats) makes me want to get them even more for my dogs: )

Both my dogs and my cat are rescued. They are, after all, the best kinds of pets.

I’ve seen these before and absolutely love them! Great post!

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