want it now: plush scale of compliments

How great would this Plush Size Yay! Scale be as a gift? It’s a scale designed and signed by Marilyn Wann that doesn’t give your weight — instead, it gives you compliments like “Hot,” “Perfect,” and “Ravishing.” Looks nice and cozy on the feet, too! Unfortunately, it’s on back-order right now, but here’s hoping more are made in time for the holidays. (Come to think of it, this scale would come in extra-handy then.) –Mary T.

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Lord have mercy! I need me one of those! For sure, Miss Mary!

(But being on “back order” makes me wonder… are we all in such need of a little positive reinforcement? Take it where you can get it, I guess.)

I just hope they make one in orange…?

I had (still have!) a scale for my Barbie that looks JUST like this…too funny!

OMG..not only is it in my favorite color but says things I can handle in response to stepping on a scale…hmmmmmm