post off: what are your food rules?

Michael Pollan has an article and fun slideshow at the New York Times about his favorite “food rules” he received from his readers. They range from the purely funny to the quite thoughtful. I think if I have a food rule, it comes from a long-ago boyfriend. He would do things like order and eat a cheese quesadilla, but then lament for an hour afterward about how bad it was for him and how he shouldn’t have eaten it. So that’s my rule: “If you’ve already eaten it, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just enjoy it and move on.” What’s yours? –Mary T.

From our partners
Sarah C.

1) Never bite into a popsicle.
2) The only thing that should taste like bubblegum IS bubblegum.
3) No chewing lollipops.

I could go on!


1. Never eat anything bigger than your head.
2. Other than items covered by #1, try everything once.

If it comes in a box or a plastic bag, you probably don’t want to eat it.

Shop the perimeter of the supermarket.

Read the label.

Tiffany S.

Anything gelatinous should be suspect.

If I don’t want to see it being made/processed, I don’t want to eat it. (gelatin, baloney)


Just because it can be fried, doesn’t mean it should.

No dessert before dinner.

1. Don’t eat things off of the bone, it’s bad for your karma.
2. Bread should never be sweet, that’s called cake.
3. Vegetables are more filling if eaten raw.
4. Desserts starring fruit don’t count.

Ah, this is a great slideshow!

My #1 rule is that I’m allowed to have butter, sugar and salt as long as I prepared the food it’s in from scratch.

And my second #1 rule is no high fructose corn syrup. Not because it’s bad for you, but because I find it appalling that there’s an advertising campaign encouraging people to consume more of it than they already do!

If you even *think* you need to smell something to make sure it hasn’t gone bad, throw it out!


1. try to use everything in your panty/fridge before going to the store. be creative
2. use/eat leftovers, some are usually better the next day anyway.
3. when everything else fails, ramen and cereal are there for you.

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