simple diy: zippered memory pillow from your child’s sleeper

There are certain things I readily admit about myself. One is that despite all good intentions, I am years away from getting to do a lot of the projects I set aside material for. So I gave in: instead of making a quilt from saved baby clothes, I made a pillow that a certain four-year-old is mad about. The inspiration? Country Living’s recent Buttoned-Up Pillows. For mine, I cut a zipped-up blanket sleeper into a square (it’s okay to cut off the bottom of the zipper so long as it is zipped; you’ll seam across it later), measured a matching piece of pink material, and with right sides together, sewed around all four edges. To finish, simply unzip (easing down a bit from the top before before you can reach inside), turn right-side-out, and insert a 14-inch pillow form. Zip back up and you’re done! –Sarah L.

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This is such a great idea! I have to say your line about “I am years away from getting to do a lot of the projects I set aside material for” really resonated with me and the bins and bins of material I have set aside for various quilts for kids of friends, who just may be in college by the time they get their quilts. Sigh . . .

Ohhh – I really love this idea. My little guy is only 8 months old but this would be a great keepsake to make. Now, I just need to learn to sew . . . learning to sew has been on the the top of my list of projects since before he was born!

Angela M.

This really appeals to the teary-eyed, sentimental side of mine. We have some great sleepers that Iz has grown out of. It breaks my heart to give them away. Maybe I’ll try this!

Sarah L

Thanks, all! It was a good one to let go and cleared out some space on the basement shelves. Yesterday, I gathered up the rest of the clothes and donated them. What seemed like a good idea years ago now seems like a tremendous waste of good clothes. Win win!

@Paulette — if those kids don’t get their quilts until college, I bet they’ll still love them. I was jealous of friends of mine who came to college with homemade quilts; I had a cheap bedspread from Wal-Mart.

That’s a cute idea! It’s a nice thing to do with those baby clothes that you just can’t bear to donate or pass on to someone else.