blogwatch: where we were clicking this week


Chocolate malted cupcakes (with Whoppers, no less)? Jamie of All Trades, how you tempt us.

Cooking pumpkins without wasting any at the Daily Green.

We wish we could just cut and paste Not Martha’s Halloween links and be done with it, but that would hardly be fair! See all the ghoulishness here!

Espaliered apple trees at mirrormirror.

A four-figure tax break for a four-legged friend? At NPR.

The $300 fan that’s worth every cent, at Gizmodo.

Yay for lunchboxes — great roundup at ReadyMade.

Does this not sound delicious? Roasted corn chowder with scallops and bacon at Edible Aria.

Coolest idea — spooky packing tape transfers at How About Orange.

More yum: Hearty Tomato Soup, Totally Awesome Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, and Flax Cookies at What’s 4 Dinner Solutions. (We need to stop doing blogwatch on an empty stomach.)

Stair runners that are super-cool at Casa Sugar.

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