mail order delight: pie for a cause from the sweet potato project

I love food this time of year. Heavenly spiced cakes and hearty stews hit the menus and seasonal pumpkin treats are everywhere. The typical sweet potato pie is a mainstay at most Southern Thanksgivings, but the folks at The Sweet Potato Project want you to eat it all year ’round by ordering Sweet Potato Pie from Addie’s Fine Foods. The recipe was created by Mississippi resident Addie Simon back in 1966 — it was the only dessert she could stomach while going through chemo and radiation treatments for cancer. Not only does she feel her pie is “a true blessing in providing her with a healthy dessert alternative rich in cancer-fighting nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C and beta-carotene,” when you order your own for just $15, you support the Children’s Heritage Foundation. While it doesn’t take much to convince me to eat a piece a pie, supporting a good cause while taking down a tasty dessert is like the whipped cream on top! –Erica P.

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