post off: how do you carve your pumpkin?

How do you carve your pumpkins for Halloween? From simple and scary to elaborate and goofy, there seem to be as many different answers as there are Nightmare on Elm Street sequels. I walk (or zombie shuffle, if you will) the traditional path of a carved, scary jack-o-lantern face. My new husband, on the other hand, spends hours delicately removing the outermost layers of pumpkin skin to create an intricate spooky, glowing graveyard scene (and yet, somehow, we make it work). So how about it, Ghouls and Goblins: is it an art form in your house? Do you attempt portraits ? Any disastrous experiments that we should know about? –Katie D.

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I’ll tell you how I don’t carve pumpkins – I don’t use creepy baby doll heads in mine. That is a genuine halloween fright!

I skip the carving and leave my pumpkin whole well in to november!!!


I looove Halloween! I always carved pumpkins with my Dad when I was a kid. First, we’d cover the kitchen table with news paper, get out the big bowls for the guts, and scrape out the innards. Then, we’d use those gigantic black permanent markers to draw the faces we were going to cut out. They were never very intricate – more traditional and goofy than anything else – but they did the trick. And to this day, the smell of those markers makes me think of my Dad and Halloween, no matter what time of year it is!

I could never accomplish this, but I love these pumpkins from (who else?) Martha Stewart:

(found via Serious Eats blog)

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