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Thanks to Shelterrific reader Kristyn, I’m now the proud owner of this mailbox from Chiasso. You may recall that we were in the market for a modern mailbox, and she suggested the “priority” box. We like the color, we like that it locks, and we very much liked that it was only $58! It’s been holding up great during several weeks of rain (including hail) and now it’s easier for our friends to find our house, too! — Mary T.

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VERY cool! Is the red a nice bright fire-engine red or is it more muted? It looks bright in this photo but more orangey on the Chiasso site.

I also didn’t know mailboxes like these could lock! We have a front-porch mailbox, too, and I dislike the lack of security it provides. How does having a lock work? Can the mail carrier still leave mail when the box is locked?

If it anything like our mailbox, and it looks like the mechanics of it works the same way, there are two hinged “lids” over the top edge. The first (unlocked) one lifts to reveal the second lid, which is locked in the closed position, and has a slot in it so the postman can slide the mail in. Turning your key unlatches the inner lid and you can retrieve your mail. I only wish that our mailbox was so stylish…

Mary T

Yes, it’s a very bright red. And yes, if you flip up the lid, there’s a slot for mail. We unlock to get the mail out — the front panel comes down. Our mailbox is right on an alley, and after some locals lost some mail we decided locking was a necessity.


I have the same mailbox, and I love it! I work from home and get a lot of mail, including checks, and so needed something bigger and more secure (this way, none of my proofs get folded, they just go in flat). I’ve had it for two or three years and sadly has faded, but I might try spray painting it next spring.

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