best office ever: three rings design


Color me jealous that I work in a standard cubicle farm with ghastly florescent lighting! These pictures from Wired documenting the amazing offices of San Francisco game studio Three Rings Design make me want to get their HR person on the phone immediately! Designed by husband and wife duo Jillian Northrup and Jeffery McGrew of Because We Can, the offices pull inspiration from Jules Verne’s fictional submarines, Victorian parlors, and pirate ships. They include a secret room behind a bookshelf, a plush break room with couches scavenged from a Craig’s List post, and a treasure chest which opens to reveal an Xbox 360 and flat-panel TV (of course). How much better would your Mondays be if you could lounge on plush octopus tentacles? — Katie D.

Photos via Because We Can

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T Bone

give me drab or give me death. i prefer the harsh lighting and complete lack of color. but an xbox 360 would make mondays better and my productivity sharply decrease

Looks way more fun to work in than my cube oasis!!!

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Wonderful office! We’ve redesigned a few office structures, but nothing this awesome!