blogwatch: where we were clicking this week

Sometimes people say not to mix warm and cool colors. Casa Sugar proves not only that you can, but it can look great.

Meanwhile, Colourlovers says that brown and beige are on their way in — is that good?

First there were plates from tattoos, now there’s a tattoo from a plate.

Methodtweet alerted us to this post at Apartment Therapy on things you can wash in the dishwasher (that aren’t dishes).

Via Badder Homes, we learn that the alien abduction lamps we wrote about long ago are now available for purchase — gift list, anyone?

Also at Badder Homes, check out the books you can’t read — so cool.

Visit Shelterpop for Elle Decor’s Margaret Russell on style and substance.

In case you didn’t hear, learn about an important safety recall of Maclaren umbrella strollers at MSNBC.

Here are tips on visually “raising the roof” at Art + Home.

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Loving that photo by Polly Wreford!

Mary T

Agreed — it’s fantastic!