strangely appealing: the suitcase sofa

Ah, the holidays — our favorite time of the year to spend an inordinate number of hours at the airport. Designer Eric De Nijs of Nieuwe Heren addresses this problem with his Suited Case. Like an upholstered Transformer, larger suitcases combine with hand luggage to create a couch built for two. While I’m a fan of classic suitcases, it would be nice to have my own couch to sit on while playing the waiting game this holiday season. View more photos at Dezeen. — Sarah C.

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Except that by the time you got to the point where you were waiting for hours you would have already checked at least your larger bags. So the baggage handlers would have something nice to sit on.

That’s hilarious! I was at the airport a couple of days ago and saw a child in a car seat strapped onto the back of her dad’s roller. She was just chilling and watching a dvd. Can we get those for grown ups too?

Mary T

Logic is barred from Strangely Appealing entries, j! ; )

Sarah C.

Haha – I had the same thought while writing this, but sometimes those baggage check lines can be pretty bonkers! This would be great for those trips where days pass and seasons come and go while you’re loitering around on line – ha!

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