real life test kitchen: easy pumpkin pie pancakes


All the pumpkin bread recipes I’ve tried over the years turned out moist but too dense. When I found a recipe for pumpkin pie pancakes in a magazine last year, I decided to give it a try. Of course, I discovered after I started that I didn’t have all the ingredients, so I used pancake mix instead. The result is a pancake that’s quick, moist, fragrant, and best of all, unbelievably light. So light, in fact, that after the flip I usually press down gently on the pancake with the spatula to flatten them a little. The recipe can easily be halved — all my impromptu recipes have a way of expanding on me. It’s a great way to use up some leftover pumpkin. And more good news? The leftovers reheat wonderfully! — Sarah L. Click for the easy pumpkin pie pancakes recipe!

Easy Pumpkin Pie Pancakes

3 C Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Pancake mix
1 C canned pumpkin puree
2 1/2 C water, 1/2 C separate
3 TBSP pumpkin pie spice
2 TBSP sugar (optional)
cooking spray

Place mix in a large bowl and make a well in the center. Add pumpkin and spices to well. Pour in 1 C water to center with the pumpkin and stir until pumpkin is wet, then begin incorporating the dry mix and 1 C of water (2 C total at this point). Stir gently until all ingredients are mixed. Depending on how wet the pumpkin was (it does seem to vary a bit), add the additional water until you achieve a pancake consistency. Let sit for five minutes while your cast iron skillet heats up. If the mix looks too thick after it as set, add another 1/4 C of water and stir, then make pancakes as usual!

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Glad to hear the leftovers reheat well (sometimes leftover pancakes get soggy…)


Erin, I’ve made this ahead of time and frozen a large batch to make company weekends easier. We also reheat the next day from the fridge and haven’t had the soggy problem either way. Maybe it’s the pumpkin? TBH, never tried reheating regular pancakes.