woodpeckers knocking on your house? there’s hope

With woodpeckers looking for a warm place to spend the winter, now is when they’re most likely to damage homes — the yearly cost is in the millions. Our neighborhood is heavily wooded, so most of the houses have had some damage. Luckily, our trim remains intact, despite the fact that we do hear the occasional tapping. Although there are plenty of suggestions to ward off woodpeckers, from hanging pie plates or windchimes to “Scare Eye” balloons, we’re either lucky or George, the red-headed woodpecker figurine we hung up years ago, is working. (George was a gift made by a local crafter. I haven’t been able to find another, but there are many deterrents available, including a fake “attack spider.”) I also always stock a wire-mesh feeder with C&S Peanut Flavored Nuggets. Since woodpeckers are territorial (one theory behind why placing fake woodpeckers around your house might work), you won’t attract additional birds to your yard. Hopefully, you’ll just attract them away from your house and enjoy watching them, too! — Sarah L.

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