post off: what’s your favorite part of thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. Exactly why that is, I’m not quite sure. Maybe it’s the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole. Or maybe it’s the drama-free memories of our family and close friends clustered around a too-tiny table enjoying a meal together. It could be how every year, without fail, my dad and I would slip into a l-tryptophan nap on the couch watching a Mel Brooks movie before pie was even served. Or it could be the simple act of gathering loved ones together over dinner and giving thanks for what the year has brought us. A whole holiday based on appreciating what you have is a beautiful thing, indeed. Of course, now we need to know what you think: what makes your turkey day special? — Megan B.

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My favorite part of Thanksgiving is playing Yahtzee! with my mom, my sister, and all my Aunts (it’s a girl thing). We play for hours at the kitchen table while the turkey cooks. I love it.

I love pre-dawn Thanksgiving Day when the house is still quiet except for the few of us early risers that gather in the kitchen with coffee cups in hand to begin making the feast and as the day progresses and family and friends begin to filter in and out, sharing, laughing and eating and finally in the quiet of the evening when those of us left are sprawled across couch and chair watching this year’s choice of movie and picking at the nuts and fruit left on the coffee table all the while vowing not to indulge so much next year and wondering if we’ll be able to get up at 3:30-4AM on Friday to hit the stores…


Spending lots of time with the family! We live two hours away and see them every 4-6 weeks. When we visit, it’s always so rushed (between my family and my husband’s), so the extra two days are very nice!!

Spending time with family! In all the activities we do: thanksgiving sporting competitions, eating, drinking, euchre tourneys, board games, and the day-after movie theater extravaganza, one thing stays consistent throughout: these activities are all fun on any day, but they’re extra special because we’re doing them with family!

I love getting ready. This is our 2nd year hosting and I have loved invlolving my kid in the whole process. Last year we glittered everything in sight. This year we made waxed leaves for the table and garlands. We made place cards and cloth napkins. They are only 5, 3 and 1 and yet are so excited about our family and friends coming over to share “the feast” with us. Ironically, they won’t even eat much more than the green jello and the rolls.
But we have made the day into a celebration by celebrating getting ready for it. I am thankful for the memories being made.
Happy Thanksgiving.

I’ll have pictures of this year’s decorations up by the end of today.


I love the preparations. This year I seem to have a very dominant Lucy Ricardo gene. My honey and I, all by ourselves, decided we would fry chicken, not knowing that our apartment’s oven decided to set off every smoke alarm and we ate around 3pm. It was marvelous and romantic and funny as hell. Our first Thanksgiving together at 47 and 55…Ain’t love grand?

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