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What a neat idea. But no info that I could see on how to purchase them… did I miss it?

If not, file it in the “neat idea not available” folder. : (


Mary T

Shoot, DJ, I think it’s still a prototype — but the alien abduction lamps finally got made, so I think there’s hope.


What?? They finally are in production? I’ve saved a photo of those alien abduction lamps on my desktop for eons… where??? Where???

PERFECT gift for my brother.

Those are SO totally genius! I love reusing any and every container.

Mary T

DJ, you can buy the alien abduction lamps here:

I had the link in a blogwatch in the last couple of weeks — obviously it’s worth a post! Thanks!

I LOVE this! I have to battle my desire to save cans to use around the house. This makes me have a reason to save them ;-)

Now if they make a tin can that doesn’t leave rust rings every where to go with those nifty lids, then we’d really have something!