help! where can i find some cute knobs?

We got this plea for knob ideas from reader Molly. We have suggestions below, but bet you do, too. Please weigh in!


“My husband and I are re-doing a dresser, and we need some cute knobs to put on the drawers. I’m not interested in the standard brushed knobs you can find in any home improvement store, but cute, different ones. I’ve already looked at Anthropologie, and might stop by some antique stores. I just wondered if you or your readers might have any suggestions for any stores (preferably online) that offer cute knobs? Thanks!” — Molly

Hi Molly. Thanks for writing in. We have two immediate suggestions for you. Why not consider faucet handles, like the ones that Mary T put up in her kitchen recently? She got the idea from Good Housekeeping and we all love the results. Or, for some straightforward online resources, try this post from Erica about hunting down glass knobs.

Leave your suggestions for good online knob resources below!

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Hobby Lobby has great Anthro knockoffs that are half off about every other week. Check em out!


have you thought about etsy? Or contact a local artist (art school) and pitch your idea.


I have used old wooden thread spools.

The Re-Store/Habitat for Humanity where I live always has an admirable variety of new-old-stock cabinet hardware on hand. Great quality, usually just $1 each, fun to hunt.


Restoration Hardware usually has a wide choice of knobs.

Anthropologie, I know their expensive but they really can spice up plain cabinets…

Sarah L.

I love You can find great vintage knobs/pulls as well as reproductions.


Try Lee Valley Tools! TONS of choice, and some pretty neat stuff all ’round. Their knobs are at and their main site is

Good luck!

Thanks for posting my request and for all of the great suggestions! We went with some knobs I found through an etsy seller. I’m definitely bookmarking these other sites to have on hand for future renovations!