ladies and gentlemen, we have a pot rack


After reading through all of your amazing comments and suggestions on my post about wanting to hang a pot rack, I decided I should probably consult the guy actually in charge of building it for me. It turns out my boyfriend is pretty creative and quite the handyman. I came home from work one day to find he had devised a plan for building me my very own pot rack. Less than $20 and 30 minutes later I had a great place to hang my new pots. It was as simple as drilling a few pilot holes, screwing in some eye-hooks, hanging a couple of carabiners and sawing off the handle of a broomstick. Oh, and the pretty metal hooks—they’re actually shower curtain hooks! I think it looks rather sleek…in an industrial sort of way. Let me know if you want more detailed instructions and I’ll get the handyman himself to write some up. —Erica P.

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That looks awesome Erica!! Please do post some instructions and more pics. The idea of using shower hooks is inspired. :-)


I am really interested. I would like my husband to build that for me. Can you post a supply list and a how to? Thanks.

This would be useful given that most of my cupboard space is used up. I’ll speak to my husband to see if he can sort something like this for me.


Oh yes! Instructions please! Looks great!

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