for your consideration: the recycled cardboard christmas tree

Here on Shelterrific we’ve put much thought into trees around the holidays. We’ve desired real trees, fancied untraditional and aluminum trees, wondered about black trees, and even entertained the great “real vs. fake” debate. Now I present for your consideration the cardboard Christmas tree. Made from 100% recycled cardboard, this mini tree from PopDeluxe is big on irony. (If it’s made from real trees, it counts as a real tree, right?) Perfect for crafting, its radial design also allows for a more compact 180 degree configuration, which might be a good alternative for those of us who, I don’t know, may or may not be seriously considering displaying a live tree on the fire escape for lack of better spatial options. Even less room? Try the smaller Snowflake Tree, now on sale! — Sarah C.

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Leave it up to Shelterrific to explore all that is trendy and stylish. It’s a bit too radical for my taste. But, then again, I’m a traditionalist when it comes to holiday decor. :-)


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