want it next spring: terra sculpture

It may not be the season to think about outdoor sculpture, but I can’t help imagining how wonderful Terra Sculpture would look in my yard now that the trees have lost their leaves…or with a dusting of snow…okay, I just want one, period. The company was created by the design team of Jennifer Gilbert Asher and Mario Lopez with marketer Karen Neill Tarnowski. Made from powder coated, stainless, and weathered steel, Terra Sculpture has been featured on HGTV, in the LA Times, and plenty of other places you can read about on their blog. The work sells for between $1,900-$2,900, but for substantial art up to six feet tall that is definitely not what you can pick up at the big box store, I’m okay with that. — Mary T.

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Sarah C.

LOVE these! (Especially the wood one!) Would make an interesting addition to a yard for sure.

Mary T

Actually, they’re all made of steel — some weathered, some powder-coated. I love them all, too, obviously!

Sarah C.

Haha I know – I mean the darker curvy one – it reminded me of bent wood which I think would look great – nice color.

Tiffany S.

This one’s my favorite: http://www.terrasculpture.com/relaxed.php