blogwatch: where we were clicking this week

The Little House in the City confesses: “I paid $200 for a stump.”

Saveur just alerted us to their collection of the best classic cookie recipes. What do you think — does it stack up to our chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday — tired of the holiday gimmicks? Jezebel is too.

ZOMG, IKEA iPhone app! At swissmiss.

This might come as a relief: AT on living happily with less.

Pretty much the coolest tape dispenser ever at 2Modern.

Homemade ginger-ale at 30 Bucks a Week — looks great!

If you’ve never had quilt envy, you probably will after seeing these baby quilts at Simple Things.

And just ’cause we love ’em: fake and fabulous holiday trees at Casa Sugar.

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