five things we learned last week


1) We even like to save food we don’t like. Cat Sitter in the City says of the digital day counters: “Now this is a great idea. I wish I had had one last night when I pulled some marinara sauce out of the fridge and couldn’t remember exactly how long it was in there… I hate it anyway.”

2) As of this writing, a little over 70% of our readers eat some kind of meat. The poll’s not scientific, but the results and comments are interesting. Chookooloonks says: “I’ve gone back and forth from being a full-on meat-eater to eating-only-seafood for years, until last year when I gave up eating meat entirely…. I just figured that I’m lucky enough to live in a part of the world where food is abundant, and I can stay healthy without something having to die for me to do so.” See more food for thought here.

3) Erica needs to post a pot rack how-to. Riye says: “That looks awesome Erica!! Please do post some instructions and more pics. The idea of using shower hooks is inspired. :-)” See the pot rack here — we’ll ask Erica to share more soon!

4) Cool knob sources abound. Leslie says: Try Lee Valley Tools! TONS of choice, and some pretty neat stuff all ’round. Their knobs are at and their main site is” Click for more places to find cute knobs.

5) Those tin can lids need to be produced pronto. We think they’re still a prototype, but Valentina summed up reader opinion of the tin can lids: “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!” Here’s hoping they get produced soon!

Photo by porah

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