easy ikea hack: stainless coat rack

I’ve been on the seplace for the perfect coat rack for almost an entire year — something modern, sturdy, high capacity, and most importantly, affordable. Well, I finally found one that fits the bill at IKEA, but not where you’d expect. I spotted the Rationell Variera pot lid rack (designed for countertop use) for the bargain price of $4.99, and knew it would be my ideal solution.


But getting my pot-turned-coat rack on the wall took more work. After seeking guidance at the local mom-and-pop hardware store, I came home with a bag full of various brackets, bolts, screws and clamps, still not sure how it would come together. And after putting six huge anchor holes in the wall, I wasn’t sure it would even work at all.


But it was at that moment of despair when I had my “a-ha moment” — I took the galvanized pipe hanger strap I had purchased, unscrewed the posts on the rack, threaded the tape, cut it to fit, and re-attached the posts. Then it was as simple as drilling a few screws into the wall in a few spots to make sure it was well anchored. I love the result, and it cost a mere $7! — Megan B.

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I used it for the same thing! except I hang my belts from it..lol..

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I used it for the same thing!