new candle addiction: linnea’s lights


For a while, I have to admit, I got really sick of scented candles; there seems to be an endless stream of cleverly designed, badly smelling soy candles. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by both the packaging and scents of Linnea’s Lights. The hand-poured candles come in lovely recycled containers that hold a perfectly matched matchbox in their inner lid. After getting a whiff of their signature scents — my favorite is Fir, which smells like a Christmas tree farm after sudden downpour — you’ll want to strike one and light up immediately. With 60 hours of burn time, there’s no need to save it for a special occasion. I’d be thrilled to get one as a gift, which means I’ll be giving them myself! $26 each. — Angela M.

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this candle smells great!

Sarah C.

I have been looking for a good Fir candle for a while – I’ll have to check this out!