post off: do you decorate outside?

On my street, Thanksgiving night marks open season for holiday décor. No sooner has the remaining turkey been placed in the Tupperware than the holiday lights start to switch on. Our friends to the right use the nets of lights, while we go for the traditional strings and the neighbors across the way fancy a single string of the big, retro colored bulbs. Soon, a light-up deer ends its winter migration on the lawn of our neighbors to the left, and the holidays have arrived. Clearly, decorating outdoors is the name of the game on our street, but other streets ring in the holidays in the dark, so tell me: Do you decorate outdoors? — Sarah C.

Photo by Flickr user jspad

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Mary T

We do, but not excessively. We have a house that is situated up on a hill so it really can only be seen from the alley behind it, and is kind of obscured by our parked cars from that angle. We are going to put some lights around our deck (on the alley side) and some lights around our fence (on the hill side) and call it a day. Oh, and it’s in the teens here in Seattle (so weird!) so this definitely wasn’t happening last night.

And we may or may not have a vintage plastic Santa in a sleigh that we’re trying to find a place for…


Not outside, but you can definitely find my apartment from the street at Christmastime (it’s the pink one). The effect is even better with the addition of the pink lights my bf decided to string in the windows. : )

Seeing that I live in NYC and we’re all confined to our 4×4 foot block (ok, I exagerate on the smallness but sometimes it feels like that), I do not decorate outside. I am fortunate enough that most of the buildings in the area do decorate their lobbies AND I get to walk through the Christmas Tree Stands that line broadway!

Sarah C.

Love the pink lights, ellobie! I see a lot of Christmas trees through windows in the city around the holidays and I love that. There are also a few little side streets around my apartment that have lights out on the fire escapes or in the restaurant windows and it just looks so welcoming, I love it.

In San Fran if you put stuff outside people would take it so we decorate the inside of our windows. It looks pretty!

Here on the farm, we decided that in Florida, it needs to be green decor. I recycled an oak branch that fell, and made wreaths this year, with the branches. There were lichens, air plants and spanish moss naturally occurring, and it looked so natural that I wound some grass into a nest, fully intending to put eggs in it, but the cat got there first and put her foot in it, and I took a picture.

I’ve made quite a few for friends, and am willing to try on the next one I make, to put a string of LED lights in it, we’ll see if it doesn’t kitsch it up too much.