blogwatch: where we were clicking this week


Prudent advice for a baby daughter that you will probably like, too.

Small, cheap, and useful: exactly what you want in a gift guide, at Tea & Cookies.

Love for really, really old Tupperware (it’s from a year ago, but a friend sent us here) at 1000 Awesome Things.

How far does your produce travel? Transparency will tell you.

Could you live in 175 square feet? How about with another person? This couple in New York is loving it (we still think they need some art on the walls) at the New York Post.

Casa Sugar has the dos and don’ts of caring for silver — handy this time of year.

“Gingerbread” cookies for those who don’t like them (they’re really sugar cookies, and they’re “pre-bitten”) at Baking Bites.

We have a thing for tabletop Christmas trees, and here’s a great one at beachbungalow8.

Finally boatshedchic makes Madeleines. We’ll be happy to sample a few!

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