green christmas: the living wreath


While thumbing through the Sahalie catalog the other day, I almost gasped when I saw the gorgeous living wreath, constructed in Southern Oregon from a dazzling mix of succulents. It’s designed to hang indoors throughout the winter months, and then to be brought outside once the weather warms up. And this isn’t just for one season, folks — it’s actually expected to last for years under ideal conditions. It runs around $140, but for an amazing wreath to be enjoyed year-round, I’d say it’s well worth the cost! — Megan B.

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I love, love, LOVE this. I think I saw one a few years ago in a magazine. I wish this climate was better suited to succulents though. My pot of succulents froze last week :-(

Mary T

Marissa, the succulents we plant in the ground do great out here — the pot probably lets the dirt get too cold. Maybe bring them inside for the season. (Note to all, we’re both in Seattle.)

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