etsy find: dwayne bulla’s junk/yard art

Because of backyard bird feeders, songbirds are evolving to have rounder wings (for short, non-migratory flight) and sharper beaks. I read that the same day I discovered Dwayne Bulla’s etsy shop. It’s oddly fitting, in a non-Tippi Hedren sorta way. Using an old trowel, washers and bearings, he made this striking junk art that resembles a pileated woodpecker. The hummingbird, made from an old railroad spike, cut nails, and a pair of smaller trowels, is smaller in scale but equally clever. But while it’s one of Bulla’s birds I’d love to call my own, I’d also feel pretty lucky to have the horseshoe crab grace my garden come spring. — Sarah L.

P.S. We like what he’s doing with outdoor faucet handles, too — we’re fans of repurposing those!

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