post off: do you buy holiday gifts for your pets?

Growing up, it always drove my Dad nuts when we opened a box of packages and there was a Christmas gift for our dog. It’s not that he didn’t care for our pets — he made our ducks a pond from the ancient tub he tore out of our 1840s house one year and, to this day, he still stops at the butcher shop to pick up bones for his dog as a special treat — but Christmas was and is a people day to him. With a new pup at home, I have to admit Bauer is not on our Christmas list. However, there may be a bone or two on the grocery list for him. Do you give holiday gifts to your pets? — Sarah L.

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Yes, the high energy Airedale that is probably not going to get the hour long walk she needs that day, gets a gift distraction. If I get a chance to stop at the butcher she’ll get a marrow bone, if not something else new from the “reserve” toys drawer- I have been interested in trying out the deer antler I bought her.

The cat on the other hand will have gifts a’plenty with balls of wrapping paper.


My family’s dog does get a small gift. Usually not anything out of the ordinary, just one of her chews wrapped in paper, because she loves tearing it open, and it’s so funny to see her do it.

I LOVED getting my new puppies gifts for Christmas! Big bones for Christmas morning, and yummy treats to mix with yogurt, stuff in their Kongs, and freeze to keep them happy while we eat on Christmas eve. Keela is getting a new bed, just right for curling up and taking a nap in the sun. Boulé is getting a spiffy new collar. Both are getting a squeaky toy in their stocking!

This is the first year these two rescue mutts will be spending Christmas with our family. They make me laugh, they give me extra kisses when I’m feeling down, and they remind me to look for the fun in life. I can’t imagine not getting them a little extra something this holiday season!

Our dad is the same! We have small stockings for the cats and we usually stick a small treat or toy in there. To be honest they love playing with the torn wrapping paper and bows more.


Our cats don’t get gifts, but we do usually give them a special meal, usually tuna.


Yes, my two dogs have their own stockings! My husband laughs at me, but we don’t have children yet and it just feels right. In fact, my mother does the same for her dogs (and did for the dog she had as a child) and my sister does the same for her dog (we’re a family of dorks, I know). We never go out of our way to get anything unneccessary or over the top though – toys and treats I would most likely eventually buy them anyway. This just makes it a little more special.

We hang sockings for our pets and usually the presents go in there. It’s a little silly since they have no clue, but of course they are more than happy when they get a new toys and treats.

We give our pup gifts for Hannukah and for her birthday. The gifts are nothing super special, maybe a bone or a replacement for her dirty old tennis ball. Our family is quite small, just me, the mister, and the pup, so it is fun for us to include her in all of our holidays.

Of course, we’re also ‘those people’ who baby-talk to her and refer to ourselves as ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’. It’s gross, I know.

Megan B.

I usually go and get a little something special for the cats. But my boy Orville is always WAY more interested in eating the curly ribbons than any special toys or treats!


um … YES!

Mary T

First, I just have to say, that’s Sarah holding the duck above and that photo rocks! I was never a buy-the-animals-presents person, but this year I think I may change that. Our neighbor also has a mastiff who associates “box” with “treat” thanks to a very friendly UPS driver when she was a pup. We heard hilarious stories of how she’ll sniff through all the boxes until she finds the one that smells like food, then “unwrap” it herself. We may have to try that with our mastiffs this year.


Occasionally, but no more!!

Last year, my sis in law bought big Busy Bones for our dogs, which they devoured New Year’s Eve. We spent most of New Year’s Day at the emergency vet (which they should call they expensivey vet) because our 170-lb. English Mastiff got bloat from the bone.

A year later and he’s good (although he’s never regained the weight he lost), but I will never give our dogs anything “special” or that large again. Only the regular treats that are made for smaller dogs for our boys!

Mary T

: O As the owner of two mastiffs, I appreciate this warning! Glad your dogs are okay. : (

Yes! And I made treats for all of our doggie friends too! BTW: LOVE the photo & how the duck is being held. Priceless!

We definitely get all 3 of our dogs gifts. My boys wouldn’t think of NOT including them in opening gifts on Christmas morning. They usually all get a huge rawhide bone & a stuffed toy! Plus they all get a nice chunk of meat after dinner is over.

Sarah L.

Thanks : ) That poor duck was much loved!

I usually go and get a little something special for the cats. I love animals.
They are my friends !

We grew up giving gifts to our pets, and it is a tradition that I continue. They are part of the family, and it just doesn’t seem right to leave them out. One year, my mother made the mistake of putting the dog’s present under the tree on Christmas Eve. When we woke up in the morning, we walked into the living room to find he had already opened his present. He could actually tell which one was his!

Sarah C.

I agree – the picture of Sarah & the duck is priceless! We used to get our dog a little something for the holidays and then started a tradition where our all the different factions of our holiday crew would bring gifts for everyone else’s pets so all the animals would be showered in little things on the holidays – it was a really great event before our dog died. Buster would unwrap his own gifts every year.

Dad’s gone soft in his old age, because he not only unwrapped Bippus’s gift of milk bones but immediately took two outside to him.

Of course Puggy needs new treats!

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