time is relative with the unfinished clock


When I suggested the Unfinished Clock from MoMA Store as a possible new purchase for our apartment, my boyfriend immediately vetoed the idea. “I’ll never be able to tell what time it is,” he said. While I’m sure it’s not the easiest clock to read, I think what it lacks in practicality it makes up for in design points. (Besides, he wears a watch.) Get one for yourself right here for $46. — Erica P.

From our partners

I have an M&CO “Askew” watch (my favorite watch) where all the numbers are in the wrong places. I can’t tell you how many people ask me how I can tell the time with it. I always want to roll my eyes but I restrain myself and say something like “I manage.”


Erika – I think your boyfriend is smart enought to figure out what time it is! I love it!