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Megan B.

Um, thank you Erica! I need a new case- and this one is screaming for me. Love it!

david e

i ran across these about a month ago and “hinted” at wanting one for my birthday, and guess what i got! yeah!

except, they break. easily. like less that 24 hours later i dropped it and it chipped apart into several chunks along the grain. it was ordered direct from vers and it took ten days to receive in the mail the first time (in a regular padded mail envelope) and another ten days for the replacement… which also cracked down the grain.

the problem is that they don’t absorb shock well and are wedged in with a snug fit so your pod/touch/phone doesn’t slide out. with such rigidity they don’t deal with regular handling very well.

they look nice but only if your apple product is sitting on display.

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