want it now: epicurean cutting boards


I had a realization the other evening over a soapy sink full of dishes: I’m in dire need of new cutting boards. My best wooden board is stained, warped, and splitting from years of mistreatment. My small plastic ones just aren’t cutting it either (excuse the pun). I’d love to get a big sturdy wooden butcher block, but honestly, I need a surface that I can throw in the sink or dishwasher to clean. Epicurean cutting boards could be the solution. They’re constructed in the USA out of layers of paper and food grade resin, making use of the by-products left from skate park construction. They are advertised as “maintenance free,” meant to be thrown into the suds or dishwasher, and need no oiling. SOLD. I’m a huge fan of the gripper series, starting at $24.99, but I’m really tempted to also invest in one of the new big block boards, starting at $159. Find them on Amazon.com, Sur la Table, or your favorite kitchen store. –Megan B.

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I adore my Epicurean boards–I have a huge one with a channel for carving, a large everyday one, a medium (christmas present!) and bar-sized, and I use them all constantly. The medium and bar-sized ones have now been in constant use for 3 years and are in great shape (I’m a food blogger and a serious cook, so they really do get a workout). I returned the gorgeous Booz Block I received as a wedding gift because it was so heavy and hard for me to move around, and at 5’4″ I’m just short enough that making the counter a couple inches higher wasn’t a great thing for me. To that end, I don’t know if I’d go for the new thicker Epicurean–what I love about them is how easy they are to lift with one hand and carry to the stove or dump in the sink.

If you run them through the dishwasher the color darkens (not an issue is you have the lovely black ones), but the surface stays perfect. Love!

This is perfect! I was just thinking the same thing. I need better boards, and they MUST be dish washable. I love butcher blocks but I am a bit of a stickler for having things really clean in the kitchen, and even though I don’t put meat on my cutting boards, it still freaks me out a tad. These look perfect!


Nice product, but what ever happened to a good old wood cutting board.
I had to purchase a maple cutting board in December and found a nice web site http://www.cuttingboardusa.com

Mary T

Allen, I think you missed the part where Megan says she wants a board that can be tossed in the dishwasher and doesn’t need to be oiled. Also, isn’t wood problematic when it comes to cutting meats? Someone clue me in on that.

Megan B.

So I did a little seplace on the subject, and it seems that wood’s porosity *can* be problematic with bacteria. But the consensus is that the bacteria really like to hang out in the cuts and grooves in boards. So wood’s got an advantage over plastic for it’s “self-healing” properties, and the ability to sand smooth the time-worn nicks. But you can sand smooth the epicurean boards too. So it’s really like having the best of both plastic and wood.

links for light reading on the subject:

Mary T

Wow, cool! Thanks Megan. Sorry if I sounded crabby, Allen, not intentional. I need to learn to add one of these 8)

Oh, I love, love, love my Epicurean boards. Other than good knives and my immersion blender (don’t get me started…), these are tools that I could not cook without. Sometimes, you can find them at TJ Maxx for super-cheap.

I gave one to my mom for mother’s day last year, and she adores it, too. They’re a great gift option for anyone who loves to cook!