this litter box is out of sight


Super Cool Pets caught my attention with a cat box that recently won an Editor’s Choice award from Cat Fancy magazine. The Out of Sight Litter Box is slightly similar in idea to a litter box we wrote about here before, but with a very cat-person-friendly twist: a built-in ramp helps get stray litter off the paws before kitty returns to your rug, an elevated platform means no leaning for cleaning, and a door not only hides an unsightly box, it keeps it away from curious pooches! Read more about it here, or purchase it from, $200-220. — Mary T.

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I dream of having something like this to hide the cat liter, but $200 is just too steep for me. I guess I need a “live in handyman” like the lucky DIY Pot Rack reader to make one for me out of one of my many vintage finds. Hmmm, not such a bad idea – off to the drawing board!

Mary T

Tyna, if you do, please share with us! : )


I love this, but I wonder how it actually works for the cat though… Do they naturally go up in there and find the box? I have a cat who really doesn’t enjoy enclosed spaces. I really wonder if she or other cats would even go up the ramp and then turn up into it to get to the liter box….
It would be nice if someone had one and talked about it on their website.


I just purchased this and it should be here in a week or so. I have a 12 year old large cat who is finnicky about her litterbox. It has to be in our bedroom or else she starts to have problems. Gross, I can’t wait to get this and get her box hidden. I am worried about her not using it. If she doesn’t, at least there is a money back guarantee.

My older cat probably could not do this. Just put a shaggy rug in front of your litter box.


Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox: A less expensive alternative that works for me and my 2 cats. I have very little tracking and I can keep this in the guest bathroom without feeling bad for my guests! It basically looks like a small storage bin and the cats wipe their feet on the top before they run all over the rest of the house.


I have 5 cats. I don’t know if it would be economical for me to use one this size. I need one the size of a desk.


(a) one of my cats won’t use a box in any enclosed space;
(b) both cats kick huge amounts of litter out of the box and certainly would with this one
(c) I don’t want a cat box in any public spaces, so it doesn’t need to look stylish.
A big dishpan in the far corner of the laundry room works best at our house.


you’re just begging for bad litter box habits with this thing. cats need to see around them when they go to the bathroom…it’s a territorial thing. ask any legit cat behaviorist. get ready for pee outside the box, and it won’t be your kittys fault. but, if sacrificing another living beings comfort and security so your pretty little eyes don’t have to gaze on a box is your thing, go ahead.

Judy J

I love the idea but $200. are you serious. I have 5 cats and 3 litters. It will be nice to hide but like I said $200 is just two much for 1 box.


The best litterbox I have ever bought is the Omega Paws Roll Away. It makes scooping a breeze. My 2 cats love it! $35 retail


i realize that if you can’t spend $200 on a litter box, you probably won’t spend $300 on one, but….

i got the cat genie in november after thinking about it/reseplaceing/reading reviews for months. it’s over $300 but worth every penny!! hooks up to your plumbing. all you have to do is every couple months, buy new cleaner and 4-6 times a year, do a thorough cleaning – which doesn’t involve you touching anything gross!

i have 3 cats and one cat genie is enough for us. the biggest benefit is having no cat litter smell. the 2nd biggest is never having to clean it – i haven’t cleaned a litter box in like 3 months. the biggest negative, after you get over it and save up to handle the costs, is that the cat litter gets tracked on the floor… so you sweep a lot. but that’s true with most litter boxes….


You can build a cabinet for much cheaper or order a cheap kitchen cabinet from IKEA. Check out for DIY litter box solutions.


Out of sight but not out of smell…

They should make the upper floor a screen instead of a solid floor so the litter drops down into the lower area. I am either buying or making one of these immediately:


You could just make one of these. Looks like about 7 pieces of pressure treated board, a little time with a router if you want it to look nice and decorated/cut some hand holes, a staple gun, and some 1/4 size hinges.


With 10 cats indoors I could use a different idea for a litter box, but since I’d have to purchase 4, don’t guess this is it1


“Why does your lamp stand smell like cat crap?”

A fantastic idea! Very creative. It’s something that would come in handy for my 17 year old tom :)


Hasn’t anyoe heard of Littermaid? It costs less than half of this outrageous $220+ prices at Walmart and it scoops the litter every use electronically and deposits the “scoops” into a sealable plastic box. It comes with a fabric covered “ramp” that cleans the cat’s paws upon exit. It also has an optional “privacy tent” if you just want to hide it. If you have a bad back and can’t bend over to pull the little plastic box out and replace it with a fresh one (instread of scooping which requires alot more bending more often), you can do as a friend of mine did….She put her Littermaid on a table she got from a garage sale – bigger than the box so place for cat to wipe feet on fabric/carpet cover she placed on table first. The cat loves being able to jump on her own table without any reprimands and my freind uses a “tent” she bought from the Littermaid catalog to hide the box/table in the spare room. She also placed a coat hanger on the top of the door so it can never accidently closes, keeping “Darling” out. My cat’s Littermaid is on the Lanai (a screened outdoor room) and my baby goes out through the “kitty door” to her fun room to use the box. No box in the house!


I have 3 cats and 3 boxes. I use large storage bins and put rugs in front of each. then you just shake the rug off outside periodically…oh, and have a mini shop vac handy so you don’t mess up your vacuum.
$200 is insane.


psh. I like my cats self cleaning rolley litter box WAY better. all you do is roll it and all the poop goes into a compartment then you take it out and throw it away. there on ebay for like 20 bucks

Mary T

Okay, I gotta ask: where are you all coming from? I posted this back in January and this week we suddenly keep getting comments! Thanks to whoever referred you. (I agree that the handy among us could make this box.)



We have two cats a huge Mainkoon and a very slim shorthair positive_negative. They use the cream/white Bubble type with self clumping litter. Its made by “BOODA”. It is excellent. All sort of biometric and rounded inside. I invested in an aluminum scooper MUCH better than these crappy plastic ones with a longer handle. Just wish they would make one with a matching curve to the kidney shaped inside. There is like an inside wall that makes it impossible for gravel to shoot out when they are digging .Price around 31C$. The access ramp has a textured path. I cut up one of those rugged plastic carpets to increase that ruggedness and put one of these rugged carpets in front … There is sort of in inside center top chimney where you place carbon filters that work very well.
A friend has the self cleaning/washing ones it is a A PAIN it never dries up in time and the cat hates the wet gravel and it sticks to their paws. etc. I love the one within the box one floor up and that should be easy to DIY for a 1/10s of the price. and inside one could place any type of litter. As long as there is light I had cats all my life and they do NOT need to sit and look around. Its us humans who think they like that. Actually cats like privacy as we do. As long as there is some filtered light it’s good enough. Thanks for reading this far, for your reward visit our cats at

Mary, someone tagged this in, and all of us stumblers are now being sent to it.


I agree. there are much better ideas than this…but this idea can be modified by the average handy-person. each person has different cat needs and number of kitties. Hope each finds a working solution. PS. I find this via Stumble and pages seem to travel that network sometimes. Anyone else find this this way?


Stumbleupon! ;)


I think someone must have put this on stumbleupon because that is how I arrived.


I don’t know how I would ever get my cat to use that. It’s a good idea but, it’s almost impossible to train cats for most people so,i don’t see this working out very well.

Mary T

Ah, thank you, Stumbleupon person! Welcome, all! Hope you stick around. : )


I’m not sure putting it next to the air conditioner intake is such a good idea!

$200?! Are the people who are selling this nuts??? It doesn’t hide the smell, and why would you want to set nice things on the top right above cat crap?

I love this…pure genius. Our cat would totally use it too :)

Wow, that’s a pretty neat invention. The only problem with boxes like these is that if it’s out of site and out of your nose range, then your risk forgetting to clean the box.

I guess it would be a great box if you are pretty strict in your cleaning schedule. Most people forget though. Litter boxes should be cleaned a minimum of twice daily to keep cats happy. I think everyone who owns a cat knows that if she ain’t happy with it… she’s not going to use it.

Just remember to clean daily!

OMG! yes please! anything to keep my freakin’ DOG out of the litter box!!! G-R-O-S-S!

Yeah, with the DOG of the picture, eating the kitty pooh…..but unfortunately, $200 is just way, way, out of my price barrier. I’m gonna have to get friendly with a handyman, handylady, or try n take my hammer, nails to some wood. Ooohhhh, now that’s a bit risky!

love the idea though. And to get the litter off their little paws, so when they jump up into bed, they are litter clean, great idea.


San Diego

The intent of this design is not to keep odors down. The intent is to inhibit tracking litter throughout the house. This product seems to have a good vision of the problem and a nice solution. But $200!? Really. Ridiculous.

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I just ordered the very expensive out of sight litter box. I have a Booda Ball on a very fluffy flokati rug, 3 cats. There is no odor, but the tracking is driving me mad. I have to vacuum the entire house every day. If it works as described, it’ll be worth it.

WOW! My ears are burning! I’m the guy that invented, patented, manufacturers and sells the Out of Sight Litter Box. I do understand that $200. seams like a lot. We use the highest quality materials and we are made in America! Add up all the time you spend cleaning up tracked litter from all over your home, daily and weekly. Our price is a great value!

The Out of Sight Litter Box hides the litter pan and litter mess, STOPS LITTER TRACKING and yes, keeps dogs (and kids) out of the litter pan. As for odor… odor is caused by not cleaning any litter pan. My patented design raises the litter pan up to a second shelf, so you walk up, lift the top lid, scoop and walk away. Takes only a minute in the morning, and a minute at night. Also our cabinet has large vent holes in the back panel for good air circulation.

Take a minute and read our customer comments and look at the photos THEY sent in… our cabinets are, next to the owners bed, in the living room by the couch, in the kitchen…

What I am hoping is, if you have a cat, please don’t let a few negative comments above keep you from going to look at and learn more about the Out of Sight Litter Box. Compare it to all the “other” litter box cabinets on the market. Look at pricing and what they do… hide the litter pan… then look at the Out of Sight Litter Box – it really does work. You have to make the “value” choice for yourself.

Mary T (whoever you are)… thanks for your kind and positive write up.


Love the idea, but have a request. I have two dogs. I can’t keep one of them out of the kitty litter or the cat’s food. (Cat food is very bad for dogs.) How about a new design that has the litter box on one side and a feeding station on the other with seperate enterance. vented on a different side (no litter smell near food). Little bit larger storage area for litter and food bags. I would pay up to $300 for a product like that.


Well, I have had this for 3 months. It went together extremely well. Two of my 3 cats used it a few times and it stops tracking 98%. Not 100%. And now none of my cats will use it. I don’t know why. They will go on a rug rather than use it and these cats have NEVER gone outside the litter box.


Ow ow! It’s so ugly it hurts my eyes! I wouldn’t want it in my house even should you pay me!

You could get a much prettier box by dividing a smallish cabinet or storage box (ca. 60 cm deep, min. 60 cm wide – even a cheap kitchen unit could be made to look better than this ugly box!) with a panel that creates a 20 cm wide “corridor” – preferably carpeted – that the cat must walk through before/after her bathroom visits. Add a proper cat flap for entrance on the short side of the cabinet near the back through which you put the nozzle of the hoover for cleaning or through which you pull out the carpet to shake off the litter. The litter box itself is of course placed in the bigger space near the door/s of the cabinet facing the opening in the panel that leads to the litter-catching “corrodor”.

Margaret Johnson

I just got the Out of sight litter box. I bought it because of all the great reviews it has received. However, the assembly is not as easy as you would think. You are provided with all the parts, but you actually build the cabinet. It took me a very long time to put together. There are 15 steps, 22 nails to bang in, numerous screws, dowels, etc. They have a good return policy, but frankly, there is no way I could get this thing apart again, which is what I would have to do to return it. So, I’m hoping my cat really likes it, otherwise it’s almost $300 down the tubes. That price consists of the litter box, the litter pan they also sell, and the postage to New York City. Very expensive, especially considering the product is made of some sort of pressed wood. (I had to get two new side panels because the original ones were chipped on the corners.) Out of Sight’s customer service is absolutely excellent and they sent the side panels very quickly. Even so, I now wish I had bought a solid wood litter cabinet from Hidy Tidy. Although approx $150 — $200 more, Hidy Tidy’s litter cabinets are solid wood and come fully assembled and seem to be good quality pieces that look like furniture.

Hope this helps.


I bought this litter box a couple of years ago, put it in the middle of my family room, and my 5 month old kitten (Norwegian Forest Cat) learned to use it happily in less than 2 days. I especially liked the fact that I could scoop out the litter without bending over, and the fact that I could keep my 11 lb. dog out of the litter, but she was small enough that I did have to screw a hook on the entry door to make sure she didn’t try to just open the door and go upstairs. However, it WAS hard to put together – took a long time and, at one point, I had to reverse the assembly directions, or I never would have completed the task, and I did feel that the price was too high for something that was not real wood. There never was any noticeable odor and no one who visited ever suspected that the piece of furniture housed a litter box. You do need a hand vac (or extension) to get the litter off the ramp and off the litter box shelf though, as it does accumulate in both places. I’m about to get a new kitty, and I am seriously thinking about getting another one, as I’m not a very good DIY person, and I really liked it, as did my cat.

Janet Bennett

I decided to try this product after seeing it used in the home of one of my client’s (I’m a pet sitter). She had 5 cats using 2 boxes with very little tracking. It was easy to scoop. We ordered two of the maple products. When they came, the dimensions had actually changed from the product that my client had. The new product is actually shorter and provides the cats with less room. As recommended, we left the lids open for several days/weeks, for our cats to get used to. But when the cats poop, you can see that they have to posture such that their heads extend past where the litter box lid would close. Our cats are used to using covered litter boxes, however these boxes have several inches less clearance. When I first mentioned this to Paul, the owner, he didn’t tell me about the change in dimensions right away. When he finally admitted the change (due to costs), I was really disappointed to find out that I had received a different product than expected. We tried the product for as long as possible, before returning it within the refund period. But as stated on the web site, he retains 20%, does not refund the actual litter pans, and you have to pay shipping ($1 per pound!). To top it off, he ends up donating the litter cabinets to a rescue agency, which is ironic, since we actually run a cat rescue organization ourselves. I do not recommend this product at all. It is over priced (the panels started to separate after use) and if your cats don’t use it, you are screwed trying to get your money back.

To all Shelterrific readers,
I cannot allow, in all internet fairness, not to respond to the posted comments above by Janet Bennett. Below you can read my reply to a similar email the Bennetts sent to me the day after they started to make such postings. As of this date, they have not replied to me, yet, they continue to sully my reputation, and befoul my product.

As the saying goes, “The customer is always right”.
And that I have now learned the hard way – even if, they are not right – the customer is always “right”.

There are two sides to every story, and still yet there is the truth. I am not perfect, my product is not purrfect. No one is perfect… well, One was. And I have yet to find a product that is truly perfect. I only ask that you continue reading before making up your mind whether to visit my website. THANK YOU.


Dear John and Janet Bennett,
I am glad that you contacted me, and sent me your email.

And so, I will respond.

I was shocked to see your review on my Manta page, not surprised to see one on my Facebook page, and by now I’m sure there is so much much more all over the web that I don’t even know about.

I’m concerned about your “facts”. And your “recall” of the facts, ie: please review all emails below.

If you had issue with my deducting $50 for cleaning, I sure wish you would had contacted me regarding this matter first, before starting your internet rage. If you reread your email below, it reads as a vindictive threat, that I have to believe you will carry out. Just please remember, your reputations and character as people are also being judged by your words and (cyber assault) actions.

I am truly sorry that you feel that I was so unfair, and that you now feel that my Customer Service was so poor. Let’s see, you first asked for two free litter pans. I said only one. Then when you did order a second litter pan, I offered, and did refund the shipping cost on that second order. On my Return Policy, it clearly states that Litter Pans are NOT returnable after use. I think you understand why.

My Return Policy is very clear. And I followed it. You DID NOT “get screwed trying to get your money back”. So that should not have be an issue regarding your return. I promptly completed your refund once I received your return shipment. You read the return policy before purchase, and made that decision to purchase. As for the cleaning cost… we will no doubt disagree with each other about that, but, not all of the panels had been cleaned, many had dried urine crystals over the surfaces.

As for, as you call them, my “poor quality panels, they were already separating after only a few weeks of use” … I have to question how soon you cleaned up your cats misses. May I also include that you had the cabinets, not for weeks, but for almost 45 days being used. I have tested my panel saturation limits. Not for weeks (or months) of saturation… but for hours, and they with stand hours of total saturation. Plenty of time for proper clean up. Your friends cabinets are how old? Six years old. My personal cabinet was made in 2003, that is 9 years old. And yes, one of our older cats, now long passed away, missed inside that very cabinet more than once and I cleaned it up, within hours, then placed a floor level pan for her use. We are still using that same cabinet with no issues.

As for the change in the Cabinet size, that change was made over 6 years ago. You did order off the website, which has photos on every page of the cabinet you ordered and received. The website also has a page showing the measurements/dimensions/specifications of my cabinets, my mistake for not asking how long ago were your friends cabinets purchased. Although, your friend must be very satisfied that after six years of daily use that their two cabinets are still being used and must be in wonderful condition.

You never said to me that your cats were repeatedly “missing” INSIDE the cabinet. Only that they were not USING the cabinets. Once you did state that to me, I said to STOP trying and to reuse your old litter pans. After 15 years in the cat rescue business, (a fact only now did you tell me) you of all people should have known that your cats were not going to take to using my cabinet. When you did contact me, I gave you my straight forward recommendations on what to try, as you can reread below. And again, the next time you contacted me, I told you to STOP, and return to your old litter pans.

I am sorry your cats did not take to my product.

It saddens me that you feel that this issue gives you the right to set out on a cyber smear campaign against my 9 long and hard years of work that I have invested trying to produce a quality, and it is a quality product, and to build a business. I have never, I repeat, NEVER, had any customer be so mean.

Many of the panels you returned, were soiled. So I deducted the $50. (I guess I need now to add to my Return Policy that the Trax-Turf also needs to be cleaned.) You could have easily sent me an email, telling me you felt that was unfair, and, I would have probably thought better of it and re-funded your $50. Normally I do donate any returned cabinets, to shelters. So far, any returns that I have had over these many many years all were donated. The two returned cabinets of yours were in useless condition.

I pray that you will reconsider your cyber attack revenge.

I truly believe that if you review the issue, that the issue is simply your cats did not like my product. And, that I followed what is clearly posted on my website. You have the right to be upset, I understand that. You have the right to confront me, and you (now days) have the right to tell the world what ever you want. But the truth is, the truth. I did all that you asked, answered all your questions, gave you a deal on shipping, made recommendations on what might work to get your cats to use the cabinets, and told you to STOP using them. I was pleasant, nice, understanding, and gave wonderful Customer Service. You had the right to return the cabinets as you did, and I refunded your money in the way that is clearly stated on my web site.

It is sad that your anger, over your cats not using my product, and the fact that you feel I did not treat you fairly regarding my Return Policy has come to all this.

What can I do to make you feel fairly compensated?
Do you want the $50 refunded?
You tell me. What do you want? What is fair to you?

Paul I. Pettys
Out of Sight Litter Box, Inc.

Comment follow ups:
Thank you for all your comments, good and… good. I learn more with each one. Let me here, answer some of the questions, and comments made from all the above posts.

1.) Yes, thousands of cats DO use the Out of Sight Litter Box® and are happily making deposits daily.
2.) My enclosed litter pan area is larger in volume and dimension than store bought “covered” litter pans.
3.) There is NO ramp inside. Only a short 10 inch hop.
4.) My “High-Sider®” litter pan is over 10 inches tall. Kicking litter out of or “missing” over the top is not easy to do.
5.) I understand the price issue. Not everyone can afford to purchase, but I am offering a quality product at a fair price, value.
6.) What about smell? My Out of Sight Litter Box® has been designed to make daily cleaning easy on you with its lift top lid. Scoop once in the morning and once at night – read my customer testimonials – I’ll let them do the talking.
7.) Make your own. Go ahead. Just one sheet of 4 x 8, plus two or maybe three days of cutting, re-cutting, drilling, numerous trips back to the hardware store – edge banding or painting – don’t forget clean up time and bandages … hmmm … $200 is looking worth it.
8.) Electric/automatic litter pans have many advantages. But, they are very small in pan size, they do jam, beep at you until reset and do nothing to stop litter tracking and cost more than $200. In fact, I have had so many requests that my next cabinet product is designed to fit all of them, hide them, and stop litter tracking!
9.) I also have a Feeding Station designed – but first need to get out of debt before starting that.
10.) As of 2012, the Out of Sight Litter Box cabinet is now easily assembled (or taken apart) with “pins and cams” – no more nails – and the back panel now looks as good as the front.

Thank you for your ear (eyes) … and your time for reading all this. Please take a few more minutes and visit my website for yourself. www (dot) outofsightlitterbox (dot) com :)