how do you organize your refrigerator door?

We inherited the world’s crappiest refrigerator (I may be biased) with our house. Oh, it works fine, but the storage is a little sub-par, meaning that every time we opened the door, half our sauces and dressings would fall off the shelves. I’ve taken to corralling them using beer and soda bottle cartons. It works okay — it would probably look better if I covered the outsides with pretty paper — but the cartons are a little too small for some bottles, and too large for others. I found this interesting post on using hooks to better organize bottles. If you have any other great ideas for me, I’m all ears! — Mary T.

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We were just given, what looks to be, the very same fridge from our neighbor when ours died this summer right before a huge party. You’re right, the storage is a huge problem.

I would think plastic storage bins would be a great solution and have a cohesive appearance, if you’re willing to purchase rather than recycle. You could probably find all soft of sizes at a Container Store or similar.

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So, I feel bad about throwing those crappy PBT leaching plastic containers in the garbage. So, I use them in the fridge as containers to hold my bottles that are unruly. I also have a plethora of condiments (little butters, ketchup packs) and I throw those into the plastic containers too. Sturdy and I am saving the environment if ever so slightly for a few more years.