i confess i want the rodeo dog bed


It’s not that it looks like a scaled-down modern couch (though there’s that). And it’s not that our 125-pound mastiff Dahlia (she’s the “small” one of our two) has suddenly taken to hopping up on our real couch, and this would give her one of her own. It’s actually that our bedroom is small, and I love the idea dog beds that actually look tidy. And for that, the Rodeo dog bed from Chiasso would fit the bill. The price, alas, is a little steep, at about $400 each — sheesh, I’ve bought real couches for that. With my luck, Dahlia would just pull the stuffing out of it anyway. — Mary T.

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Very cool. I’d have to put a blanket over it though, since my dogs like to burrow/nest.