strangely appealing: lawn flamingo chandelier

Just before Christmas, we took a trip to Portland’s Crafty Wonderland, where I wanted pretty much everything I laid eyes on, but especially loved this chandelier by Bindle Art & Design. It’s made from Don Featherstone pink flamingos (the classic design, basically) and ingenuity, and was deemed worthy of a feature on The Antonio Project. Want one? You can order your own Lawn Flamingo Chandelier, $350, from Bindle Designs’ Etsy Shop. I also love the Lawn Flamingo Wall Sconce, $50 — so very wacky-1960s-TV-show. — Mary T.

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Katie D

LOVE the chandelier! It looks like it’s straight out of John Waters house!

Megan B.

I totally love these too. Great in my dining room!

So random! I love it!